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The First Page - SOKO Outfitters Origin Story

Turning the Page

This is the first page in what will hopefully be an amazing story. Soko Outfitters is a new retailer in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village. A historic district that is being reborn. We hope to help write that history. Soko Outfitters was started by 4 friends with a passion for Cedar Rapids and the outdoors. Entrepreneurs of various flavors but all willing to take some risk. All 4 of us have seen that success comes from careful planning and hard work but there is always some element of the unknown that you have to accept and plunge forward.


The Next Adventure

This is the place where we will tell you about the next big brand, the greatest new gadget, and the products that will entice you to build your own adventure. We will talk about upcoming events: trips that we will plan both near and far, competitions we will host to build the skills and expertise you have, want and need, and bring you the experts that will expose you to new worlds. And you can share it all here with us on the Soko Blog. Our hope is that our store is a physical meeting place and the blog is an online home to give us feedback and also share your stories. Make every page the “first page” of your next adventure and the rest of your amazing life.


Reinventing Brick and MortarSOKO Climbing Wall Installation

This is the spot that you will share that experience with us. We hope to bring you along on our journey. Not just with the words on this page, but with a new twist on a traditional brick and mortar store. A place where you can touch the products you buy, get answers from real people who know the products, and, even more, meet the people who are like you and congregate to discover their next life story.

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