The rebirth of a city. Czech Village and New Bohemia are at the heart of what was a devastating event. Out of that spirit was born a new sense of community, a new sense of entrepreneurship and a hope that we can turn what was good into something great. Soko Outfitters is an outdoor retail store that sits at the center of Cedar Rapids’ rebirth. It is in the heart of where the bridges join our 4 quadrants, where the river opens itself to adventure and the bike trails encourage exhilaration, fun and fitness. Soko is an adaptation from our city’s Czech heritage. “Sokol” is the traditional Czech and Slovak society that encouraged fitness, unity through sport, and adventure. We hope to capture on that ethos by bringing the brands to you that drive you to seek new adventure, and embrace the activities that make you feel alive. Soko will also bring you the experts, plan the trips and teach you the skills to embark upon the travel that sets you apart and brings the world to life. A new outdoor store….and so much more.


Donation Requests

SOKO Outfitters welcomes requests for donations and sponsorship.  In order to most efficiently process your request please submit your request at least one month in advance. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee a personal response to each one, but we will make every effort to reply. Please fill out this form completely and submit to or bring a copy to the store. You may attach a promotional flyer where applicable. Thank you for considering us for partnership with your organization.

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