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SOKO Sustainability Series: Patagonia

Patagonia is a clothing brand founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, who was inspired to create sustainable outdoor gear and apparel. For the past few decades, Patagonia has become an industry leader in sustainability practices. They have implemented a variety of initiatives to ensure that their products are made with the least amount of environmental impact possible. From using recycled materials to committing to fair labor practices, Patagonia has set an example for other brands on how sustainability should be incorporated into business operations.

Patagonia had a humble beginning with its founder Chouinard starting out as a rock climber and blacksmith. His journey began when he started making pitons with his own hands and teaching himself how to blacksmith. A business was born and he began to travel up and down the west coast, selling pitons and surfing. This grew to the beginnings of Chouinard Equipment. While on a climbing trip in Scotland, he purchased a rugby shirt. The shirt was durable and the collar kept the slings from digging into his neck. When Chouinard came back to the states, his friends wanted their own rugby shirt. This encouraged him to look further into the apparel business to help support Chouinard Equipment. Decades later, Patagonia has evolved into the brand we know and love.

Over the years, Patagonia has taken several steps forward to create products that are both environmentally conscious and stylish. From recycled polyester to organic cotton, Patagonia is committed to using materials that are made from renewable sources and have a minimal impact on the environment. They also strive to make sure their production processes are as eco-friendly as possible. With these efforts, Patagonia is setting an example for other companies to follow when it comes to sustainability.

While most brands we work with come with strong warranty programs, very few compare to Patagonia. Patagonia guarantees everything that they make. With this guarantee, customers can buy Patagonia products with confidence knowing that they are backed by a reliable, trustworthy company. And it is not just manufacturer defects. Patagonia will repair or replace your items, no matter the situation. Customers have access to repair services and resources on how to repair their own clothing. They have started to include gear tape with their best-selling down jackets to encourage people to continue to use their gear and keep it out of the landfill. In addition, the company offers credit when customers trade in their old items through their Worn Wear program.

One of the most exciting initiatives Patagonia offers is their Worn Wear program. It is an innovative approach to sustainability, encouraging customers to repair and recycle their clothes instead of throwing them away. The program not only reduces waste but also promotes a more sustainable lifestyle by extending the life of clothes and reducing the need for new ones. This ensures that customers will have peace of mind when shopping for outdoor clothing and gear. And it is why we have peace of mind doing business with them season after season. They have inspired us to invest in more sustainable practices, such as our used gear section, and why we continue to do business with companies that stand behind their products and mother earth.


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