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Manager Visit: ON Running Shoes & Gear

We’re on cloud nine coming back from Portland, Oregon!

Paul and myself were invited out by ON Running to learn about the brand/technology, go on epic runs, enjoy the downtown district, and meet people from stores just like ours! And if you’ve never heard about ON, they are a Swiss company that was born from the idea of soft landings, followed by explosive take-offs – what they call “running on clouds.”


We started our day touring their USA HQ, where we were greeted with a huge wall of shoes (photo above) – all available for us to demo. It has only been open since 2013, since the company was born in the Swiss Alps. Development and design still take place there.

Next, was a 2.3 mile run at Forest Park, utilizing the Wild-Cherry, Wildwood and Dogwood Trails. All participants were divided into teas for a Tug-o-Run.  The two teams set out in opposite directions and pass each other on the trail, scoring was done cross country style. Our team lost the competition but everyone won as you were handed a beer when you crossed the finish line.

Gorgeous views, crisp air, and huge hills that kicked our asses. Of course, we didn’t have our phones to take pictures and wished we did.

A picture of Dogwood & Wild Cherry Trail at Forest park

Here's a the Dogwood & Wild Cherry Trail Loop courtesy of All Tails


The next day we had the opportunity to try out four different models at a nearby park:

  • Cloudventure Peak

  • Cloudventure

  • Cloudrock                                           

  • Cloudstratus

The top three we carry currently, and the Cloudstratus is coming in for Spring 2020. Tech reps went over each model’s features and benefits; then, we were able to test them out in real life conditions.

The rest of the morning we learned more about the brand history. And if you didn’t know, the cushion was modeled after the sensation of stepping on a garden hose – it was used in the first prototype.

We also dove into the tech behind their shoes and apparel (with great views in the background). Each piece is designed to be functional, comfortable, and stylist. *SPOIL ALERT: We are carrying their apparel next Spring, and it is as well thought out as their shoes. And it is something we would be more than happy to talk about with you.

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