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Brands Offered at SOKO Outfitters

Let's face it, when you're looking for outdoor gear, the brand matters. When you're in the middle of a camping trip, a climb, hiking, fishing or any other outdoor activity, the last thing you want is for your gear to break down. That's why we've cultivated relationships with the best names in the industry. These include some of the best hiking boots and outdoor gear you can buy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You can read about them here or stop by the store in early September to check them out for yourself!


A better hat design is where Kuhl got its start. Looking to improve a dated design back in the 80’s, the founders of Kuhl realized there was a need to make better alpine clothing through design than style. But form follows function and what resulted was one of the fastest growing and unique brands the outdoor world has seen in a long time. Creating clothes designed to allow your movement with the use of “articulation and gussets” but avoiding overly niche clothing. Kuhl is a brand that you can take to the office or the mountains and switch from one to another without undoing a button.


Many people recognize Salomon as a French ski company. While they got their start in 1947 doing just that, they quickly became synonymous with all alpine sports. Rather than following trends with traditional hiking boots they have pushed the industry toward a lighter and faster concept of movement. They now have the most well reviewed hiking boot on the market , the Quest. All other hiking boot companies have jumped in based on the wave this created, changing the market forever. Along with this same ethos, Salomon’s line of trail shoes will take you farther and faster up any trail you want to tackle.


Steeped in the rich Italian Boot making heritage, Garmont has maintained traditional standards of excellence while simultaneously pressing the concepts of boot and shoe design. The apply their concepts to a full line of footwear that meet the demands of the hardiest adventurer to the “travel trekker.” Yet all of their footwear deploys the same ideal technology: heel lock security, wise toe box comfort, stability under foot and beautiful esthetics. Check out Garmont at Soko Outfitters.


Necessity is the mother of invention, but incredible design means you need less. And every ounce counts on the trail. Nemo is a New Hampshire based company started by a designer with a passion for outdoors. They employ an entire team of designers who constantly reinvent the equipment you think you know. With so many “me too” brands out there it is refreshing to see see Nemo’s lineup of what you might think of as standard camping gear. From the amazing foot pump sleeping pad, to their full vent sleeping bag and the amazing hornet tent that is so simple to use and so light to pack, you will wonder how you ever camped without it.


“Guaranteed forever.”
Enough said.
And they mean it, Osprey will repair or replace any one of their backpacks or bags from any era in any condition going back to their original equipment from 1974. They lead the backpack industry in innovation and support and have an option for every adventure scenario.


It can't be said any better than Patagonia’s own mission statement:
“Build the best products, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”
The quintessential outdoor company, Patagonia brings you lifetime pieces at a reasonable price and will even repair any item, shirt, pants, coat, etc as long as you own it. Truly committed to the environment while understanding that the garment industry can cause so much harm. Feel good about every Patagonia piece you buy because you’ll likely have it forever.

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