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VeoRide at SOKO Outfitters

As outdoor enthusiasts, we love anything the helps others enjoy their time outdoors and VeoRide does just that. What is VeoRide, you ask?

Owner, Steve Shriver spent a few minutes demoing VeoRide on a Facebook live video. Check out the full VeoRide Cedar Rapids video for more information, or get more info below!

VeoRide Cedar Rapids - How to Guide

Using VeoRide is incredibly easy. If you can use a smartphone, you can use the VeoRide app to rent a bike to get around Cedar Rapids. 

Steps to using the VeoRide

  1. Download the app from the Apple or Android App Store
  2. Use the app to locate a bike
  3. Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it
  4. Ride safe. Ride Right!
  5. When you get to your destination, slide the lock to the right to lock the bike and end your rental. 

There are 45 electric assist bikes in Cedar Rapids and 22 different bike stations throughout downtown, NewBo and Czech Village. You can ride the bike throughout the city but can only park the bike in the approved area (shown below)

Guidelines for VeoBike use in Cedar Rapids

  1. Be Safe - wear a helmet, obey all traffic laws and use hand signals for turning and stopping
  2. Be courteous - sidewalks are meant for pedestrians so please keep the VeoRide bikes on the roadways. 
  3. Park in designated areas such as the bike racks or in the "furniture zone" where benches, lamps, & the tree lines are. Don't park a bike on private property, near fire hydrants or blocking walking paths.
  4. Have fun and explore! - get out and give a VeoRide a try. Make a trip to NewBo for lunch, hit happy hour downtown or come shopping in Czech Village! We'd love to see you 









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