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Stio Brand Feature

We’re excited to announce SOKO Outfitters has been chosen as one of less than 60 retailers nationwide that will carry the burgeoning outdoor brand Stio. 

They may be the next behemoth in the outdoor apparel industry or they may be a niche brand that’s popular in mountain towns around the world (or likely both). In any case, you have to check them out and see why Stio brand apparel is becoming the most popular brand on ski slopes, mountain bike trails and in mountain towns across the country. 

What follows are a few reasons we LOVE the Stio brand and why we’re encouraging all of  our customers to give them a look.  


Quality that matches (surpasses?) the best brands in the industry

The minute you try on a Stio clothing item you’ll know the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every piece they make. 

There are roughly 80 people working for Stio in Jackson, Wyoming. The team there designs, develops and tests their products to meet their own needs in their outdoor adventures. If you read the Stio blog, you’ll see the people behind the brand. We’re talking about ordinary people who love the outdoors and need apparel and gear to help them enjoy their mountainous surroundings. 

While you’re on the Stio website, you’ll also see statements like “Each style is specified to meeting the highest standards of quality and performance in the outdoor industry” but what stands out to us, is that Stio is designed to meet the needs of the Stio customer service rep who likes to go mountain biking, skiing and camping.

In case you’re not familiar with Jackson, Wyoming, Jackson sits in the Jackson Hole Valley at the entrance of Grand Tetons National Park and is within an hour drive time of Yellowstone National Park. Skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing and enjoying the outdoors are common activities for most residents of Jackson.


Versatility can be worn from peak to pub

Stio is proud of their mountain heritage, but they’re not ONLY a mountain brand. The Stio line of apparel and gear is expanding rapidly and each item is designed to have one thing in common. Versatility. The designers at Stio intentionally create products that you will be able to live in not only while you’re enjoying the outdoors, but also while you’re working, traveling or sitting at a local bar/restaurant enjoying a meal.  

I was able to try the Men’s Pinedale pant and felt comfortable wearing the pant while hiking, camping, going to the grocery store, sitting in my living room, playing with my kids outside, shoveling, sledding with my son, at work and would feel comfortable in a mall or semi-casual dining restaurant when that becomes a thing again.



One of the founding principles of Stio is to build and operate a sustainable company. The thing most people think of regarding sustainability and clothing brands is sustainably sourced textiles. Stio does that. In the past two years Stio has gone from using 3% recycled materials to almost 50% and from using 0% organic cotton to almost 75%. Additionally, many Stio products are BlueSign approved in production.

Stio is also working to become a certified B-Corp. Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Any company that is certified to use their business to improve their people, profits and the planet is a company that we can wholeheartedly support. 



Stio is a unique brand in the outdoor apparel industry. First, the size and location of the Stio “headquarters”. At roughly 80 employees, Stio is a small company. With that, there’s a level of agility and fluidity to business operation and product design that is difficult if not impossible to emulate for larger brands.

Being a small business, Stio is able to design and develop their products in their own distinct way. They’re just now creating their spring 2022 line whereas larger brands have already purchased and have their spring 2022 clothing line in production. This means you get the latest in technological and fashion trends from Stio season after season. 

Stio also has a unique distribution strategy. Stio is a direct to consumer brand first. Their goal is not to be in every outdoor store in the country. They critically evaluate retailers and select partners they want to carry the Stio brand. You can only find Stio products in roughly 50 brick and mortar retail stores around the country.  The closest place you could walk in and find Stio is 500 miles from Cedar Rapids in Traverse City, Michigan.


Overall mission and ethos alignment

In essence, the things we love about Stio are the standards we hope to bring to our customers every day. We hope, in your mind, SOKO Outfitters represents a quality brand with versatile products that are created with sustainability as a foundational component along with a unique and fresh design. 

Stio is now carried in SOKO Outfitters. Stop in today to check it out!

If you’re interested in reading more, check out the Stio website. 

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