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Collapsible Javadrip- Blue

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  • The Collapsible JavaDrip's clever, expanding silicone cone brews fresh, delicious coffee and yet collapses to just 1 inch high to travel anywhere. Simply set the filter on top of your favorite container, from a wide mouth water bottle to a small pot, add any brand of #4 filter, grounds and water and voila, eye-opening drip coffee just like home. The convenient cover even doubles as a trivet for the cone when you're done brewing and keeps everything clean during transport. Collapsible drip cone holds #4 filter to brew 1-12 cups of coffee. Unique flange helps center drip cone over mugs, cups and wide-mouth bottles for stable, spill-free brewing. Transparent base helps prevent over-filling. Lid doubles as a trivet after brewing.
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