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Baja Trip 2022

An island paradise you'll never forget, bursting full of bucket list activities - this is the Best of Baja Adventure Tour.

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Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, Baja California is equal parts breathtaking landscapes, blissful coastlines and a fascinating underwater world. Explore the best of all three on our 7-day Best of Baja Adventure Tour. After settling into the ocean views ever so present at Los Colibris Casitas, you'll meet your fellow travellers and adventure guides over an authentic taco dinner. The next day, dust off any remaining jetlag with morning yoga overlooking the sea, then venture out to Punta Lobos for a breathtaking hike along the coastal cliffs. From here, journey out to Isla Espiritu Santo, where you'll spend three nights at the renowned Camp Cecil de la Isla luxury beach camp. Explore at your own rate as you snorkel in the Sea of Cortez, cruise the calm bays on a paddleboard and wander the rocky landscapes stretching across the island. There's no better way to reward yourself than with a Best of Baja adventure tour.


  • DAY 1

Arrive at Todos Santos, welcome!

Bienvenidos! You will be met at the Los Cabos International Airport in San José del Cabo and transferred to our accommodations area. Take in the dramatic Baja landscape as you travel. Your rooms at Los Colibris Casitas will provide stunning ocean views. A welcome meeting with your adventure guides will be over an authentic taco dinner at Iker’s Colibris Café.
Los Colibris Casitas (Dinner)

  • DAY 2

Morning yoga, hike Punta Lobos

This morning, awaken your body to prepare for this week’s adventure with a little yoga class on the Los Colibris Yoga Sky Deck. Fill up with a Mexican breakfast before venturing out to Punta Lobos for a hike. Traipse along the Pacific bluff cliff walk and breathe in the fresh sea air wisping across the expansive ocean view. While enjoying the bird’s eye view of the waves at each outlook, watch for whales surfacing. A picnic lunch will be served seaside at San Pedro and have a chance to swim. You may also be lucky enough to witness baby turtles hatching on the beach today! Dinner will be at a local eatery.
Los Colibris Casitas (All meals)

Morning Yoga Class: 1 hour, easy

Pacific Bluff Cliff Trail Hiking Distance: 3.5 hours, easy to moderate

  • DAY 3

Snorkel around Isla Espiritu Santo, explore Camp Cecil National Marine Park

Today you’ll gear up for a snorkelling adventure on the Sea of Cortez from Isla Espiritu Santo. The Sea of Cortez, or the Gulf of California, is a 700-mile-long body of water between Baja California and mainland Mexico.  Dive into the aquamarine water where tropical fish will swim past your nose. At Camp Cecil, you’ll have the choice of kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, or swimming with marine wildlife as you immerse yourself in the island paradise. Camp Cecil is a National Marine Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers unforgettable underwater viewing experiences.
Camp Cecil de la Isla luxury beach camp (All meals)
Optional activities (kayak, snorkel, hike or swim) of Varying Lengths

  • DAY 4

Swim, snorkel, hike, paddleboard or rest on Isla Espiritu

Spend another beautiful day on Isla Espiritu where you can explore at your own rate. Jump into the water again to swim, snorkel, or paddleboard among the creatures below. Choose to stay on land and watch the tropical birds putting on magnificent colorful displays and singing their exotic tunes. On one of the island adventures, there will be a local wildlife biologist available and you can help measure and tag sea turtles for a university research program. The rugged beauty of the island makes it an ideal spot for escapades.
Camp Cecil de la Isla luxury beach camp (All meals)
Snorkelling, Paddle Boarding or Swimming: Varying lengths

  • DAY 5

Visit the Magnificent Frigate bird colony on Isla Espiritu Santo

This last day on the island is another day to explore. Check a few new things out to diversify your experience here. Visit the Magnificent Frigate bird colony that lives not far from Camp Cecil. Snorkel near the island’s colorful reefs. Hop on another paddleboard to cruise the waves and discover bays and inlets along the rocky shoreline. Bring it on!
Camp Cecil de la Island luxury beach camp (All meals)
Snorkelling, Paddle Boarding or Swimming: Varying lengths

  • DAY 6

Head back to La Paz, test out your cooking skills

Today you will enjoy time with a whale shark researcher in Baja California Sur, who will enlighten you on all there is to know about the shark and give you the opportunity to assist in their research efforts. Eat lunch in La Paz before transferring to Todos Santos this afternoon. Dinner will have a fun twist as you embark on some cooking extravaganzas with a chef and author of a cooking book.
Los Colibris Casitas (All meals)


  • DAY 7

Head back to San Jose, return home

Prepare to say “adios” and transfer to San Jose del Cabo airport. 



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