An Indoor Climbing Adventure at Your Fingertips 

What do you get when you mold basaltic granite to mimic the craggy cliffs of the Midwest? ARTWall.

Whether you’re new to climbing and just getting your footing or an experienced climber mastering a new technique, ARTWall will connect you to the outdoors and test your abilities. SOKO is one of the first in the climbing industry to pioneer this genuine climbing experience.

ARTWall goes beyond the traditional plywood climbing wall. Bolt-on handholds and natural features add a unique dimension to your climbing experience. As a fellow climber, you’ve probably encountered some of the smallest footholds. We have, too. ARTWall allows you to experience both those tricky natural features and the set route of the handholds, improving your footwork and stamina.

Try out new gear before you buy it. Get your fix of adrenaline between climbs. We’re here to help you explore the outdoors — with the right equipment, techniques, and confidence for wherever you climb.

  • 3 climbing routes: easy, intermediate, and hard
  • Molded from the rocks of Taylors Falls, a local climbing crag just north of the Twin Cities
  • Open Thursday-Saturday during normal business hours or by appointment.
  • Cost: $5 for 3 climbs or $10 for 1 day unlimited climbing

Want to learn how to rock climb?

SOKO has weekly classes to help you get familiar with the sport. We are now offering 2 classes starting this fall. Classes are limited to 6 people per class. Registration is required. Check out the dates and times and sign up online or in person for our two classes:

Participation in any climbing activities at SOKO Outfitters requires your consent prior to getting started. Sign our consent form by clicking the button below.

Private Climbing Lessons Available

Are you interested in learning how to rock climb? Fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested in getting private lessons!