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Yoga and Mimosas - May 1st

  • Rejuvenating + Flow Yoga and Mimosas
    Sunday, April 3rd, 9:30-10:30AM
    $15 Admission For Instruction*
    15 Spots Available (Limited Space)

    Join us for our monthly yoga circuit, featuring Flow Yoga with Meredith Caskey from Sun & Bird Yoga!

    Rejuvenating + Flow Yoga can be used to restart our health, strength and well being. We will start sitting and bring awareness to our breath. We will connect movement to the breath and come to an all four's position for more stretching, lengthening and strengthening positions like low lunge and child's pose. This practice is for everyone and modifications will be shared. The goal is to come away feeling refreshed and re energized.

    Meredith is a long time instructor of yoga to many groups of people. Over the last 2 decades she has had the privilege of teaching individuals of all ages from prenatal to older populations and feels yoga is something anyone can do at any time in their life. Meredith believes yoga is the foundation to being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally and invites you to make time for yourself to join the practice, sharing the positive energy with others through yoga.

    Make sure to bring your yoga mat and water!

    *Mimosas are complimentary for participants 21 and over only.
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