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Woodroad Unisex Nada Llama Quarter

Color: Midnight Grey
Size: S/M

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  • Description

    Pairs well with hikers, Moc boots, and cycling shoes.  The soft footbed will keep fatigue at bay while the wool blend will wick moisture away and regulate temperature, keeping your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.  

     MATERIAL: 15% alpaca wool, 6% spandex, 24% rayon, 12% polyamide, 31% polyester, 12% acrylic


    S/M  Men's Shoe Size: 5-9.5 Women's Shoe Size: 6-11

    L/XL Men's Shoe Size: 10-12.5 Women's Shoe Size: 11-14

    XL/XXL Men's Shoe Size: 13-16 Women's Shoe Size: 15-17

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