SOKO is proud to be local to Cedar Rapids. That's why we have curated a collection of tees that speak to our love of community and the great outdoors. 

  • Our staff and customers feel a connection to Colorado. Most of the excursions we hear about are in the mountain towns that have influenced our store's design. If you don't understand "Cedarado", maybe you have not felt like home in the Rockies. 
  • Mt Trashmore is a great name for one of the most original recreation opportunities in the country. We're proud to be the basecamp of mountain (even if the elevation is barely above sea level). 
  • Our 1960s Jeep Ambulance has quite a history. Refurbished to its original glory. Nothing we enjoy more than utilizing it at events as a photo booth or being a part of the Halloween Parade. If you see us driving around town, give us a honk and a thumbs up. 


Screen Printed Locally by Eduskate

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