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ON Running Women's Active-T Breathe

Color: Navy
Size: S

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  • Description

    Versatile training top made of soft, cool-feel fabric.

    Product Features


    Natural High Performance

    Breathe new life into any workout with the Active-T Breathe. Made for those who like to mix their movement, it's Swiss-engineered for cooling comfort however you train. Soft-touch fabric derived from wood holds its shape to ensure your performance and style are always on point.


    Feels Fresh

    The main fabric in the Active-T Breathe is lyocell. Made from Eucalyptus wood, it's super soft against the skin and balances both temperature and moisture. Lyocell is also easy to care for, so you get high performance workout after workout.


    Made Versatile

    There are so many ways to move. We wanted a top that would perform in a variety of workouts and not look out of place during everyday activities. The Active-T Breathe meets the brief. Whether you want to raise your heart rate with a run, your gym game or a smile, this is the shirt you reach for.

    Product Specs

    BEST FOR - Warm-ups, cool-downs, recovery, travel to training and competition.
    WEIGHT - 145 g | 5.11 oz
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