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ON Running Men's Sweat Pant

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Color: Navy
Size: M
  • Overview

    Blending technical and natural fabrics, the perfect pants for performance and comfort – from the warm-up to your downtime.

    Product Features

    Engineered comfort

    With a comfortable yet relaxed cut, the Sweat Pants are Swiss engineered for warm-up and cool-down runs and post-run recovery. Wool-blend panels at the knee offer tired joints cozy insulation. These pants are made to be a runner's reward during hard-earned time off.

    Natural meets technical

    The Sweat Pants are made from a soft performance blend of polyester, lyocell and elastane. This technical fabric combination retains warmth while staying light and breathable. The knee area features an insulating blend of polyester and wool. An antibacterial treatment helps prevent odor and reduces the need for frequent washing. Performance and comfort? No sweat.

    From the warm-up to downtime.

    Running is not just about the run itself. Preparation and recovery matter. These Sweat Pants are engineered with the technical performance you need whether you're warming up before a tough session, running a cooldown lap or just making the most of rest day. The gentle tapering and technical fabric blend are soft to the touch and deliver just the right amount of warmth.

    Product Specifications

    FIT - Relaxed
    ACTIVITY - Daily Wear

    BEST FOR - Warm-up, cool-down, rest and recovery, travel to training and competition.
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