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ON Running Men's Active Pants

Color: Black
Size: L

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  • Description

    The Active Pants that combine leisure time comfort with a classic look you can wear just about anywhere.

    Product Features


    Everyday heroes

    With a cut that provides on-the-move comfort and a design that maximizes pull-on pull-off convenience, our Active Pants were designed for all day, every day performance. Ideal for when you travel, these pants will take you places in style, no matter how near or far you’re going.

    Guard your body

    For the Active Pants, we combined high-stretch Elastane with double-woven Polyamide, resulting in protective light insulation and a soft feeling on your skin. What’s more, the pants’ UV protective fabric also dries quickly when wet.


    Feel at home, everywhere

    Nothing runs on empty batteries, not even us humans. Comfort and recovery are a crucial part of training and performance, not its kryptonite. That’s why these Active Pants create an instant feeling of cozy comfort, no matter if you are unwinding at home or traveling.

    Product Specs

    BEST FOR - All day, every day, rest and recovery, travel
    WEIGHT - 304 | 10.72 oz
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