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Created in Cedar Rapids. You'll love these shampoo bars as a replacement for liquid shampoo. Also used as a body bar, these bars are everything you need in the shower. 

Last Call

Last Call! Need that second wind so you can go out on Saturday? Need that alpha male feeling that leaves all the other alpha male wannabees with their mass-produced, massively TV advertised, chemically-laden body sprays in your wake?

That's what we wanted. So we made last call. Strong cedarwood and pine scents, because manly men smell most manly when they smell like trees. Jojoba oil, to repair split ends, with an addition of cassia oil to really moisturize your scalp and fight dandruff.

Get a damn fine clean and go get 'em, tiger.

Chill Out

CHILL OUT YOU’VE EARNED IT: Strong but soothing scents. Mowed the lawn on Saturday morning? Chopped some kindling? Dug some post holes? Cleaned out some gutters? (Editor's Note: Gutters are disgusting.)

Clean up with our Chill Out Shampoo Bar. Avocado oil will bring your hair back to life, and the soothing combination of lemongrass, tea tree and patchouli will help you wind down.

There's a hammock and a fine, hoppy, craft brewed beverage in your future - and Chill Out will put you in the perfect frame of mind to get there.

Mint Condition

MINT CONDITION: Kicking ass in your job means getting up way too early - but you're a grown ass man, so kicking ass is what you do.

Mint Condition features a strong, bracing peppermint scent to wake you up, olive oil to condition your hair without leaving it too heavy, and the Holy Man Hair Trinity of rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus to improve circulation and get the blood flowing for your noggin. (Your scalp will love you.)

Because, sir, if the man is going to make you wake up too early - you're of course going to wake up too early and kick some ass.



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