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Men's Heatwave+ Range Glove

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Color: Black
Size: M
  • Warmth, comfort, and a sport cuff with an ergonomic wrist opening for those who prefer a more sleek and stylish glove. A leather/Softshell construction houses the amazing power of Heatwave+ combined with 340g of insulation. Heatwave+ features comfortable brushed Heatwave on the palm as well as a Neofleece panel insulating the back of the hand. And it's 100% waterproof/breathable. With this warmth factor the Range glove will let you go further and stay out longer than ever before. The revolutionary dual heating system found in the Heatwave lining reflects and amplifies your body's heat to produce that warm cozy feeling we all look for in a glove. Reflective Heat, Amplified. Thermal Reflective stage - up to 20% warmer. Kinetic stage - Amplifies Temperature 4-5 degree. Recommended for: on-mountain use and extended periods in the cold.
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