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Flyer Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Color: Abyss
Size: Reg Insulated

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  • A sleeping pad with a radical hybrid design, our best-selling Flyer self-inflating pad is now also our first bluesign product. Combining the thickness of an air pad with the plush durability of a foam pad, Flyer checks all the boxes with minimal weight consequences.
    Designed with a groundbreaking manufacturing approach that removes 60% of the foam, the pad self-inflates to increase thickness and provide ridged baffling for faster recovery after a hard day on the mountain. Each horizontal foam channel is hollowed out to both reduce weight and provide progressive suspension that allows you to comfortably sink in; the baffles are linked by solid foam to evenly support and prevent any bottoming out.
    Though its top-performing design hasn't changed, we updated the materials and accessories in order to achieve the trusted bluesign product label. The fabric used on the pad's top, bottom, and stuff sack are now all 100% recycled and bluesign approved, and Flyer's production meets the strict social and labor standards required by bluesign, as well. You can rest easy knowing that this product was produced in a resource-conserving way with a minimum impact on people and the environment.
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