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Snow Shoe Rentals - Cedar Rapids

We have both Snowshoe and Snow Trekker rentals available on a first come, first serve basis. We can take reservations on weekends and these are nonrefundable. Call ahead for availability! 319-200-4848
SNOWSHOES (includes poles)
Adult $20*
SNOW TREKKERS (includes poles)
Adult $25*
*Prices are per day and due back the next day by noon!
Snowshoes come in a few sizes and include poles and a carrying case. All you will need is warm layers and a good pair of boots! No skill is required with snowshoes - the perfect activity to just put on and go! We recommend taking them out anywhere you hike in the summer. 
Snow Trekkers are a hybrid ski that we consider a cross between a cross-country ski and a snowshoe. They will trek through snow more like a snowshoe, but will be able to glide through the backcountry. Snow trekkers are meant for ungroomed trails and have no limitations where you can take them! Just bring your warm layers and a good pair of boots!